The cold season often surprises us with extremely low temperatures and our body's immunity decreases, so it is important to feed it with natural products with beneficial properties to avoid colds.

We like to say that Infinity Honey is a health store, from whose shelves you can choose the perfect jar for your well-being and the sweet wonder that will not only pamper your taste buds, but also give you your dose of natural liquid treatment. That's why we tried to offer numerous types of honey that would become the indispensable food in the pantry of any householder, for any need.

We try to always explore new places, to give our bee friends everything they need. From the plains, where bees enjoy the nectar of canola flowers, fruit trees, sunflowers and even lavender, to the mountains, where with much effort, our flying helpers manage to collect manna from fir, pine and oak.

This type of honey is very rare, which is hard to find precisely because of the complexity of the collection process. We are proud that, through our passion and dedication, we manage to offer everyone manna honey, in its natural and unprocessed state. All the effort put into bringing this honey to its final state is rewarded by the incredible benefits it has and the sweet satisfaction of our customers when they manage to procure the manna honey from us.

Because it is obtained from conifer areas, from the mountains, it is very clean, appreciated and, we can say, even special, because it can be consumed by people allergic to pollen.

It is a cocktail of vitamins and a natural source of minerals, with a content six times higher than acacia honey. With a slightly caramelized taste, manna honey is different from other types for its high mineral content that neutralizes the sweetness given by sugars.

A rich source of vitamin C and group B vitamins, organic acids, bioflavonoids, manna honey offers a special value for human consumption. It also has a strong content of antioxidants, bioactive components, enzymes and antibiotic substances (much higher compared to other types of honey).

Manna honey is not only used to increase immunity, but also to treat anemia, colds, stomach or respiratory ailments.

Praise for nature and the work of bees is few compared to the wonderful benefits that this type of honey provides. We, as people who respect nature and its fruits, are fully grateful for the dose of health that we receive in this form.