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we respect nature and people
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Honey from your own beehive
Although, with the passage of time, we managed to produce many types of honey, everything that ends up on your tables with the Infinit Honey label is produced in our own apiary.
Respect for nature and people
In a society that often seeks to transform or replace the fruits of nature as it pleases, we, the Infinity Honey team, have undertaken the mission of respecting both nature and people.
Pure, unprocessed honey
In our exploratory walks through nature, we find pure places, uncontaminated by humans. There we leave our bees free and return to harvest the honey when it is ripe.
Opinions Matter

what our customers say

Ana P.
Your raw flower honey has become a breakfast staple in our family. The taste and quality are simply unmatched.
George I
I have been a fan of honey for a long time, but your products have given me a new appreciation. Your honeycomb honey is not only delicious, but also makes me feel healthier."
Mary V.
Switching to your organic honey was the best choice. Its pure taste and health benefits made me love natural products even more.
John M.
Creamed honey has become my secret ingredient in recipes. It enriches cakes with a unique luxurious taste. And the customer service on your site is second to none.

Natural raw honey, from the Banat apiary.

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